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Prescription for a healthy body, mind and spirit: Take a 'Me Moment'. Sip 18 degrees. Relax. Breathe in. Breathe out. Infuse. Restore. Do Less. Do More.

We are no less than stardust and water. Our human bodies made of 70% water.

As one of the purest waters on earth, 18 degrees is the elixir of life itself - Infused with a unique balance of surprising supernatural health giving properties, designed by nature to hydrate, rebalance and restore beauty every day.

Pure hydration improves energy levels, supports metabolism, aids digestion, strengthens immune systems, helps prevents muscle cramps and enables the body to flush out harmful toxins. 18 degrees represents a rare opportunity in this busy world to relax, restore and replenish naturally.

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310 MG/L


18 degrees flows over ancient rocks that naturally release neutralizing minerals. 18 degrees' Alkaline rich ph mineral blend helps the body balance excess acid.

45 MG/L

Natural Silica

Supports healthy skin, nails and hair and slows the aging process.

29 MG/L


Helps maintain strong bones to protect against fractures and breakages as we age.

14 MG/L


Calms the body and mind and helps to combat anxiety - a useful aid to relax muscles, support meditation and encourage peaceful rest.

276 MG/L


A study by the World Health Organisation (WHO) rated only waters containing total dissolved solids (TDS) of less than 300 as 'excellent' in both quality and taste.


Serendipitously, 18 degrees is the perfect temperature to serve still natural mineral water. Heath professionals advise that the temperature of drinking water should ideally fall between 12-18 degrees to deliver the most benefits.

Infuse pure minerals in a form that is naturally balanced, easier to absorb, and gentler on the stomach. Feel your body thank you.