The Water

All who taste this water agree – it has undeniable presence

Like lead crystal, its weight and natural quality lineage, make 18 degrees the perfect accompaniment to good food and wine. 

Unlike spring water that has a short, frantic journey to the bottle, 18 degrees, as a true mineral water, is a vintage product. Aged slowly, peacefully and precisely for more than a century, it cannot be hurried. 


water bottle

Connoisseurs describe the sensory experience of drinking 18 degrees as a ‘full mouth feel’.

From sky to bottle -
a 100 year journey to pure perfection.

First mapped in 1987 by the British Hydrology Department - the Serene Water Estate has been confirmed as housing the deepest known confined aquifer in Fiji.

As wine has terroir, water has terrain. The history of our land forms our water, which is unique and could come from nowhere else on earth.

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  1. The islands of the Fiji archipelago are part of a great vanished continent - thought to include Australia and New Zealand - that was destroyed by volcanic eruptions around 120 million years ago in the Mesozoic age. Platforms of the previous land remain - and on the island of Viti Levu (home to the Serene Water Estate) the oldest rocks are exposed.

  2. Marine shells and layers of sand found at the Estate have been carbon dated to 45.000 B.P. They tell the story that once, before the eruptions, our land was seashore.

  3. When it rained, a river formed and flooding caused huge trees to fall into the river. Fossilized native trees such as balabala and vu ni niu, burnt by lava and toppled by floods - have been discovered on the land between layers of gravel deposit.

  4. Rainwater makes its languid way down mineral strata - one health giving layer at a time - infusing natural goodness over many decades before it pools in the cool, deep confines of the artesian aquifer.

  5. Our water is bottled at source immediately - and without compromise - into chemist quality bottles in operating theatre-like surroundings. No human hand or even air has touched the water during the more than 100 years it takes to reach you.