Our Story

They were dreamers, risk-takers, adventurers, and forward thinkers – who left all they knew and set out for a new world…

More than 100 years ago, when the ancestors of 18 DEGREES owners, Waheda and Nafiz Ali, set sail as indentured workers bound for the sugarcane fields of Fiji - they could not have dreamed of the discovery that would take them to the world’s finest dining rooms.

The new world they found in the late 1800’s was not what they expected. Far from Northern India, the South Pacific islands of Fiji were untamed, with an almost primordial beauty. Work in the fields was back breaking, conditions primitive, the sun fierce and the rains wild - but beneath this mineral rich earth lay their legacy.

Waheda and Nafiz, proud fourth generation Fijians, now present their rare find to the world.

As raindrops fall on rare orchids in the lush Gardens of the Sleeping Giant in the highlands of Fiji - they begin a journey that is re-defining water quality and helping change lives.

The beautiful Serene Water Estate lies at latitude 18 degrees in the Pacific Ocean on the tropical island of Viti Levu, Fiji.

In 2003, deep beneath the earth in a natural artesian well, hydrologists divined uniquely life-enhancing water, scientifically proven to be of extraordinary and unparalleled quality: - mineral rich, perfectly balanced and untouched by air or human hand.

Here, on a blessed site, 18 degrees and the Serene Water Estate have established the Gift of Water Guild.

Founded to educate about sustainable practices and the true value of pure water - on a planet where our most precious commodity is under threat – the Guild repays Nature’s gift by helping to enable the supply of clean water to Fijians and other communities around the world. It is impossible to separate the quality of 18 degrees water from the deep respect, care and sense of guardianship the local people have for the place that sustains them. 


Thank you Gift of Water Guild for the new water tank you gave me, and my friends.